Vinyl Lettering Offers Diversity In Creating Unique Home Decor

It used to be that vinyl lettering was used primarily for business signage, automotive, and boat lettering. That simply isn’t the case anymore. Recently, vinyl lettering has come into the mainstream of interior decorating because of its versatility. Vinyl lettering offers those wanting to create unique and personalized home decor simple, and affordable decorating options.

Wall Lettering:

Vinyl wall lettering, referred to by some as wall words, is a great alternative to the messiness, and permanence of painted stenciling. You can get a professional stenciled look that is customized to your exact desires. You choose the size, color and font of the vinyl lettering, have it custom made from an online manufacturer such as, and apply it to the wall. There is no messy cleanup, no “oops” moments when you have to fix the wall, or clean paint from the carpet. And the great thing about using vinyl lettering on your walls – It’s completely removable without damaging the painted walls. Vinyl wall lettering is also cheaper than paint, especially if you calculate your time, the brushes, clean up tools, etc.

Home Décor Signs:

Vinyl lettering can also be applied to wooden boards to create beautiful, and rustic looking signs. Many times the signboards feature a family name, with an different color overlay with the couples wedding date, etc. Creating a sign is very simple. You simply paint the board the color you would like, and then order the vinyl lettering in a contrasting color of your choice. Once the sign is dry, simply apply the vinyl lettering for a wonderful, and professional hand painted look. There are many online retailers, such as that sell kits containing wooden boards and lettering together in one package. The key here is that YOU are in control of the finished product, because you choose the fonts, colors, and sizes.

Decorative Tiles:

There aren’t many things more beautiful than an Italian ceramic tile, except maybe an Italian ceramic tile that has been turned into a beautiful home décor accessory by adding some vinyl lettering to it. Take a 12″ ceramic tile (available at most home improvement stores) and add to it a decorative tile lettering kit from, and you have yourself a beautiful home décor piece that is personalized to match your personality and home décor scheme. Simply apply the vinyl lettering to the tile, apply a light clear coat to seal it, and you’ve got a great home décor accessory.

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Outdoor Decorations For Fall and Winter Weddings

The decorations you select for the outside spaces of your wedding are the ones which will create the first impression of your wedding. Whether your guests will view them only briefly as they scurry into a warm church on a frigid December day or will spend the entire celebration surrounded by them at an early autumn outdoor wedding, the exterior decorations are very important. Create a beautiful welcoming design with these ideas for outdoor decorations for fall and winter weddings.

In the autumn, outdoor decorations often take on a rustic flavor. This is great for the diy bride, as they are often easy to assemble. Grand stalks of wheat tied to the columns of a country inn with a russet colored ribbon would be a great way to set the tone for a charming country wedding on an early October afternoon. Line the front steps with baskets of mums in seasonal colors for a gorgeous burst of color. The baskets of flowers can be re-purposed as table decorations for the post-wedding brunch the following day, or simply transport them to your home to decorate your own porch or yard after the wedding. These decorations would be very much in keeping with the taste of a bride who likes a simple silk shantung gown and handmade wedding jewelry.

Wreaths are stunning decorations for doors, trees, even the broad side of a barn. The marvelous thing about a wreath is that you can create a nearly infinite variety of styles using the same basic form. For an elegant wedding during the Christmas season, adorn the church doors with a pair of square wreaths made from boxwood. Tie on wide white satin bows with extra long streamers for a minimalist chic effect. For a fall celebration, create a rustic wreath from grapevine and berries to hang on the door of a restored barn reception. Add a bow in a cranberry or pine green burlap for a festive touch. Wreaths can also be very feminine, such as a classic round pine wreath decorated with dried white hydrangeas or preserved white magnolia blossoms. Or add seashells and starfish to a pine wreath for a nautical winter wedding by the sea.

Lighting is an easy way to add drama to the exterior spaces of your wedding. Classic tiny white lights can be used to great effect when hundreds are strung through trees flanking a front door. Or hang small clear glass globes over an entry way filled with flickering white candles. On a snowy day, covered lanterns with ivory candles planted in the snow alongside a walkway would be a beautiful way to brighten up a gray day or icy evening. If your ceremony and reception will take place outdoors before the fall weather turns too cold, hang candle filled lanterns on shepherd’s hooks to line the aisle or around the perimeter of the reception space.

Great wedding designs always surprise guests with at least one big “wow”. How about having hundreds of illuminated carved pumpkins set out on a stone wall beside the driveway leading up to your country club for a late October wedding? Or suspend giant illuminated snowflakes from lamp posts outside the wedding venue as did one January bride I know. (So fabulous for her Winter Wonderland wedding, which was complete with handmade wedding jewelry with crystal snowflakes.) Looking for another splashy way to decorate your outdoor space? Drape great swathes of fabric in your wedding color to frame out the door to your ceremony or reception space.

There are countless additional ways to decorate the exterior of a fall or winter wedding. String garlands of preserved autumn leaves over an arbor, hang chic wreaths made of frosted silver Christmas ornaments on the windows of your reception site, or simply carve an enormous heart in the fresh fallen snow. The special attention you give to decorating the outside of your wedding site will make an incredible first impression.

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Home Decor Shopping On The Internet

You need not struggle with the decision on what to buy when you are shopping for home decor for yourself or for a gift for someone else when you have access to the internet.

Home decor is a great way to add elegance to any room in your home. There are so many home decor themes to choose from-sophisticated elegance to the informal more relaxed atmosphere.

You will find home decor items made from wrought iron, wood, ceramics, alabaster, plastic, glass, pewter and polyresin. Prices ranges vary from inexpensive to more costly items. Find the price that fits your price range.

Country decorating is a casual relaxed look. There are welcome signs to place in a yard or flower garden or at your front door. Plates, figurines, wall plaques, flower swags, clocks, and more to choose from.

Many people enjoy the Southwestern and Native American decor. This decor is shown on lamps, bookends and vases. Figurines of horses, cowboys, boots and Indians are also available. Then there are the windcatchers, wolf ornaments and more.

Shabby Chic is another home decor theme that many people are interested in. You can find this in furniture, candeliers, mirrors, and votives. The cabinets and floral bird cages are also very nice as well as other items you will find as you browse the internet.

When it comes to lamps and bookends, you will find them for any decor. You will also find bookends or lamps that make great gifts for animal lovers, fishermen, kids and philosophers as well as others on your list.

With access to the internet you will find gift boxes for holiday decor themes as well as making great gifts for birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day or any day you wish.

As you can see home decor shopping by internet is the fastest, easiest way, as well as, perhaps, helping you decide what you want after seeing such a large selection.

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Fancy Wedding Edibles – Cakes, Favours And Decorations For Weddings

When you plan your wedding, an undeniable thing to get excited about is the fact that there will be lots of yummy food you and your guests will get to eat. People labour over their wedding menu to create a celebratory menu that suits the occasion and often the heritage of the couple.

But beyond the wedding dinner, there are a number of other edible things you can add to your wedding. Luckily, there are many purveyors of fine edibles for weddings. Do not forget to talk to your wedding photographer about capturing the culinary essence of the day. Beyond photos of the happy couple feeding one another wedding cake, having detail photos of food and edible favours served at your wedding reception will help you look back fondly on the thought and preparation you put into your wedding day.

Wedding Cakes

There are about a zillion different types of wedding cakes to choose from. They can be matched to your wedding colours and to various themes. Some couples go with dummy cakes for decoration only and others have edible cakes created. You will have memorable and frame-worthy wedding photos taken beside your cake so do not be afraid to go for something fancy. You may choose the traditional fruit cake or go for the various “mud options” through to carrot cakes, croquenbush and gluten free options. You might even opt to have a cake designed for your special day by sharing photos and ideas with a cake decorator.

Edible Wedding Favours

A lot of people opt for edible wedding favours. These can act as decorations as well as be taken home by guests. Whether you opt for a candy bomboniere, boxed truffles or other chocolates to give away, candied almonds wrapped in organza, or another edible wedding favour, there are great choices that will add to the decor and personalisation of the big day.

Some Ideas for Edible Treats & Decor

• Candy buffets can help you create a feast for the eyes in your reception hall. Guests can be given boxes or sachets to take home.

• A chocolate fountain with fruit platters makes a delicious looking feature at your reception. Some wedding caterers will even create fruit bouquets for an even prettier display.

• Personalised lollipops placed on tables or as part of centrepieces can be a lovely display.

• Hand chosen teacups and saucers for the ladies is a unique idea and something that can be kept forever.

• Mini bottles of your favourite champagne for the ladies and a spirit for the men.

• You can purchase personalised wedding mint tins to adorn table place settings as well.

• Depending on what food you are serving, you can also purchase personalised sauce bottles for condiments.

• Flower arrangements and small flower vases may be gifted to guests.

There are a lot of options for edible wedding favours that double as decor for the big day. Take a look around the local area and you’ll find some great options that will look great in your wedding photos as well as make your event more personalised and memorable for guests.

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Decorating For Weddings: A Helpful Timeline

Wedding decorations are some of the most fun aspects of hosting weddings. They set the scene of the event and demonstrate the mood of the day. Many brides and grooms choose to make and arrange their own decorations. While this can have its good points, it can also be a stressful part of the big day if significant preparation is not taken well in advance. The following is a general timeline to consider when decorating for a wedding:

One Year Ahead

The couple should sit down and discuss the budget. Typically, event-planning experts recommend allotting no more than 15 percent of the entire budget to decorating. If that seems too high, it may be necessary to scale back on the more expensive components, such as flowers, and think of some alternative yet beautiful materials.

Nine Months Ahead

Once the budget has been set, it is time to think about the fun aspects. By now, couples have already secured the venue and know what they have to work with. The color scheme should be finalized at this time. Look through some bridal magazines to get some ideas for the best colors based on the season of the event. This is also a time to visit a florist to discuss what the options are within the budget and seasonal availability.

Six Months Ahead

This is the time to begin shopping for materials. Scour home décor shops and online vendors to compare prices and to see what is available. For those who are making all of their own components, such as centerpieces, begin working on those six months ahead of time. For many weddings, brides will collaborate with bridesmaids and work together to get this work done more quickly. It can be a fun pre-wedding event!

Two Months Ahead

During this period, it is time to make a final evaluation of what has been completed and what is left to do. Inventory everything, from centerpieces to backdrops to boutonnieres and make sure everything is ready to go. Make sure that these decorations are stored in a safe, dry place to prevent any damage.

Two Weeks Ahead

Crunch time is here, and it is time to get ready to decorate. Check with the venue to double-check any policies regarding fastening items to the walls and other areas. For instance, some places will not allow any holes in the walls, so thumb tacks or push pins cannot be used. Others may not allow anything sticky or tacky to be used, so make sure to be fully aware of the rules.

Once everyone knows what is and is not allowed, take a trip to the craft store to make sure all of the items needed to decorate are ready to go. Think about getting things like floral wire, string, staplers and so on to affix everything.

Also, get a finalized list of volunteers who will be assisting on decoration day. The bride should not plan to take on such an endeavor alone. Weddings are a group effort, so be sure to have plenty of people to help.

The Day Before

Be sure to carefully pack up the decorations and gather the volunteers. Provide everyone with a plan to make sure everything goes where it should. Plan to have some fun while working on the venue. Have some snacks on hand so guests can take a break and visit during the evening.

The Wedding Day

This is a day in which the bride should not be worried about any decorations. Instead, enlist the volunteers to make any final adjustments to the room, if necessary. The bride should instead be enjoying her day with her new husband and taking in the atmosphere of the event.

Weddings can be stressful, but with a solidly mapped out plan, they don’t have to be. Just be sure to enjoy this time and not become overwhelmed.

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